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1 + 1 Circle of Healing Sessions

Inclusive of Posture Analysis, Consultation and 1 Chiropractic Session + 1 Functional Wellness Session

For $38, you'll go through the following!

Our health advisors will conduct a digital posture analysis to assess your current body condition and identify concerns that you may have.

Our Circle of Healing Specialist will be going through with you a pre-consultation to touch on a few key points about your body!

You will be going through 1 Chiropractic and 1 Functional Wellness session with our Circle of Healing Specialist. The solutions will cater to the concerns identified during the analysis.



Performed by hand, chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive, safe, and painless. Our Circle of Healing Specialist will correct misalignments to restore the normal function of your spine and nervous system. Expect a fuller range of motion, better posture and less pain.
Commonly used to treat:

Neck pain
Lower back pain
Migraines & headaches

Frozen Shoulders
Incorrect spinal posture

Functional Wellness

This 1-on-1 session with our therapist will examine your muscle balance and mobility scale. Assisted by your Circle of Healing Specialist, you will perform clinical techniques that are part of your personalised rehabilitation program. Expect an increase in mobility, range of motion and enhanced muscle performance.
Commonly used to treat:

Pain management
Sports and work injuries

Post-surgery recovery
Muscle imbalance


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What you can expect

First Session

A spinal assessment that includes a postural photo analysis, spinal check and consultation.

During the procedure

The Specialist corrects spinal misalignments to restore the normal function of your muscular and nervous system. The Specialist will also test your muscle balance and mobility scale and will have you perform clinical techniques.

Desired outcome

Full range of motion, better posture and pain relief. Treatment consistency paired with a healthy lifestyle is ideal to maintain the new healthy form.


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If you’ve been neglecting dull pain for some time now or have a strong sense that your body is imbalanced, don’t sit on it. You deserve to be comfortable all the time.



  • $38 for Singaporeans, Singapore PR and all Pass holders
  • $120 for tourists.
Every individual treatment plan varies as everyone’s condition is different and will require different variations of treatment for optimal effects! You can visit our clinic and our specialist will advise you during the consultation for better understanding!
We have helped patients with various conditions over the years. You may visit our Chiropractic page to read some of our successful testimonials. Every health condition varies, for clearer health advice, please book a trial and our Circle of Healing Specialist and consultant will advise you during your trial session better.
All ages can enjoy this trial! Patients below 23 years old will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. There is also no maximum age. However, our Circle of Healing Specialists will have to access your conditions before proceeding with any adjustment or treatment.
You will be expected to lie down on an adjustment table, so do wear comfortable or loose-fitting clothing.


We do have pregnant patients who come for regular adjustments. However, it still depends on your condition. We would recommend having a consultation with our Circle of Healing specialist to better understand your condition before giving you our best recommendation.
If there is a suspected injury, we will definitely recommend an X-ray first before an adjustment can be done. It is a safety procedure to ensure that the spine condition can be clearly seen before our specialist administers the treatment plan.
Our Circle of Healing Specialist will be able to provide you a memo. However, it is subjected to the consultation with our specialist. As for whether your insurance is eligible, that will also depend on your insurance plan.

Functional Wellness

Both are effective in muscle recovery, enhancing muscle performance and increasing mobility. However, during a Functional Wellness session, our Circle of Healing Specialists will teach how to maintain a proper posture, have the right balance, and prevent future aches and pains based on using your body ergonomically. This is best suited for patients who face difficulties in posture and balance acquired naturally or by habit. Meanwhile, a Therapeutic Stretch session consists of assisted table-based stretching. This is especially needed for athletes and desk-bound workers who face constant strain in their daily lives.
Most likely, no. It all depends on whether the problem is acute or chronic, and also the type of injury you have (if any).
Every condition is individually evaluated, based on the person and severity of their condition and patient activity expectations. Our Circle of Healing Specialist will advise you of an appropriate treatment plan after your first assessment. Most people obtain adequate pain relief and improved ability to return to regular activities after their prescribed treatment cycle.