Robomax Press Release
NATRAHEA Debuts ROBOMAX in celebration of 10th Anniversary
Improve joint function with collagen!
If you've tried many alternatives for joint pains but still find that occasional twinges mar exercise regimes, it may be a sign that not enough collagen is finding its way to your joints.
Benefits of Functional Wellness
In Natrahea's arsenal of wellness offerings, one of the aspects that we prioritise and focus on is the area of functional wellness.
Your guide to Circle of Healing
It has long been Natrahea's philosophy that the body's ability to heal itself is incredible and very much downplayed.
How to Avoid Back Pain While WFH
How many hours do you spend crouched over your MacBook, peering at endless work documents, presentations and emails?
Main target areas for acupuncture explained
Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is usually used for pain management.
What is Decompression Therapy?
Are the muscles in your neck, shoulders and arms aching from a long day being hunched in front of your computer or are you looking for a way to rid yourself of the lower back pain that was brought on my long hours in the same position?
The interconnectedness of our two brains
When people say they're rather in tune with their gut feelings, it's been proven that sceptics shouldn't scoff at them and here's why — your gut actually has a second 'brain' that is capable of exchanging signals with our cranial brain and can manifest its health in other ways.
How important is your tongue in TCM?
Did you know that a glance at your tongue by a trained TCM practitioner could determine a lot about your health?
Your Guide to Orthotics!
Stemming from the Greek word 'ortho' meaning to straighten or align, orthotics are, simply put, external devices that help in correctly aligning or improving the functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.
Your Guide to TCM Herbs and Remedies
The Indians have Ayurveda, the Japanese have Reiki, and the Chinese have Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for short.
Benefits of Cupping
Chances are we would have seen glimpses of circular purplish marks peeking out from under the clothes of others and as alarming as they make look
How does acupuncture help with anxiety, stress and depression?
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the flow of life energy through your body is referred to as 'qi'.
How to manage post-surgery pains
You've just woken up from surgery and mercifully the pain remains at bay but then a few hours in, a dull ache starts and by the end of the day, after a long battle of trying to avoid taking medication, you're in unexplainable agony and cave.
5 Ways To Treat Muscle Tears
Muscle tears or strain and pulls broadly refer to damage to a muscle or connected tendons surrounding the muscle.