21 Dec 2021

In Natrahea’s arsenal of wellness offerings, one of the aspects that we prioritise and focus on is the area of functional wellness. It is our belief that with improved posture, mobility is enhanced and this results in a better range of motion. The ability to move about painlessly or even with minimal pain is not something that should be taken lightly or for granted.

There have also been studies that have proven those with better posture have lower stress levels and therefore a stronger immune system. This is crucial not only for recovery but also for the long term. Furthermore, with the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, this wholesome package not only aids in pain management but also strengthens taught and weekend muscles through exercises.

If you’ve been feeling those occasional twinges or chronic pain, it is best that action is taken before it gets worse. With wear and tear, our bodies take on a lot to keep us going and even though prevention is better than cure, not all of us are lucky enough to prevent injuries from happening or receive treatment on time.

At Natrahea, our solutions for your health and wellbeing lie in our holistic and natural treatment option – Functional Wellness therapy. Our treatments work for sports and work injuries, post-surgery recovery as well as daily exercises for preventive or potential injuries. Our Functional Wellness treatment plan stems from an ongoing rehabilitation system that is enhanced to restore the injured area to its optimal self in the shortest time possible. Chronic ailments like back pains and muscle strains could inhibit an individual’s ability to do simple things. With a daily routine that incorporates daily exercises, we aim to not only manage the pain but also enhance flexibility and mobility, without compromising on the client’s general lifestyle.

The advantages of seeking functional wellness treatments are numerous because not only is it a proven natural alternative treatment, it is also considered a safe treatment as no drugs, injections or surgeries are offered and pain can be alleviated almost instantaneously. It also helps to improve joint and muscle function, maximises the body’s functional capacity as well as enhances muscle memory.

A Functional Wellness Treatment Plan will first include a one-on-one session with our therapist to evaluate muscle balance and mobility. A typical session would last approximately 30 minutes, where our therapist will go through a clinical technique checklist as part of your rehabilitation program. After the session, the aim is to feel a noticeable difference and to move about more freely.

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