26 Jan 2022

If you’ve tried many alternatives for joint pains but still find that occasional twinges mar exercise regimes, it may be a sign that not enough collagen is finding its way to your joints.

Wear and tear of the cartilage is only normal. However, when other muscles surrounding the joint start weakening and the collagen surrounding these joints start deteriorating, many start to feel the full brunt of its effects. To top it off, even our daily activities could be hampered.

Supplementation of collagen is an alternative that is well-received because of its ability to be easily absorbed into the body with noticeable results. By making joints more mobile, discomfort that is felt can be mitigated.

Super Joints Collagen is a new generation of supplement especially for joint care. Incorporating cutting-edge technology from Germany, this product stimulates the cells for new cartilage growth to reduce joint discomfort. This collagen supplement also improves overall quality of life — even in other areas not as affected by the decline of collagen. In some cases, people in the throes of debilitating pain brought on by affected joints may be dependent on pain relief drugs. By introducing collagen to the diet, the dependance on these drugs could decrease significantly.

If you've heard a popping or cracking noise when you move suddenly, kneel or squat, chances are gas trapped in the synovial liquid is causing that noise. Collagen provides a multi-layered approach of not only strengthening the joint but also replenishes the synovial fluid in these areas. IT also helps in the rebuilding of worn cartilage by stimulating chondrocytes (metabolically active cells that comprise of collagen glycoproteins as well as other components needed for strong cartilage tissue).

There is scientific evidence that supports a statistically significant increase in proteoglycan density and shows that the product had a direct impact on people who consumed Super Joints Collagen. As each sachet contains 100% pure active collagen peptides derived from hydrolyzed Type-II collagen, the powdered molecules are small yet concentrated enough for quick absorption. Conveniently packed into airtight sachets to prevent contamination and oxidation, the optimum quality is preserved. It is also odorless, tasteless and dissolves easily into water, juice or your preferred beverage and can be consumed once a day.

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