02 Jun 2022

Natrahea debuts Robomax in celebration of 10th Anniversary

First Smart Pain Management & Rehabilitation Clinic in Singapore to use Robotics for Pain & Spinal Treatment

7 May 2022, Singapore – AWHL announces the launch of its breakthrough, state-ofthe-art technology, NATRAHEA ROBOMAX for muscle and spinal recuperation, in conjunction with NATRAHEA's 10th Anniversary at its SMART Pain Management & Rehabilitation Clinic located at Orchard TripleOne Somerset.

First in Singapore to introduce robotics to treat pain conditions with consistent results, the ROBOMAX is a new, smart technology which will further reinforce NATRAHEA's positioning as a leader in the premium pain management and rehabilitation industry.


NATRAHEA ROBOMAX is an advanced 4D rehabilitation solution from Korea, targeting pain in the neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back and hips, spinal deformities to accelerate muscle and spinal recuperation.

With proven lab studies, this cuttingedge, smart technology is paired alongside NATRAHEA's professional service and efficacy standards to provide patients a highly successful pain management and spinal recovery.

With NATRAHEA ROBOMAX, you can expect the sessions and results to be consistent as the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region are treated simultaneously with eight cylinders.

The smart robotic technology is able to rehab and treat the spine at multiple angles at the same time with zero gravity. The session aids spinal elongation, helps to reduce internal disc pressure, correct the posture, reduce pain, and it thus an excellent alternative to other invasive methods for pain management.

The Robomax seat is made of firm, high quality urethane foam than the usual vinyl plastic cushion seat, thus providing better grip during the rehab session.


The duration of NATRAHEA's patient-centric experience is 60 minutes and it comprises of:

  • Clinic Introduction
  • Posture Analysis
  • Pre-consultation
  • Muscle & Spine Physical Assessment
  • ROBOMAX Therapy
  • Functional Wellness Therapy
  • Post-consultations and Recommendations

NATRAHEA ROBOMAX is part of the brands' digital transformation. This enhanced service is necessary for the patients' optimal well being, to restore their natural spinal alignment and pain management, ultimately to shift the spine into is ideal natural curve to restore balance and health.


Importance of the Spine

Spinal health is most important in the human body, giving the body structure and support. The spine protects the spinal cord and associated nerves, which are connected to the brain and many vital organs.


Any misalignment of the spine will result in the nerves being affected and might lead to serious consequences or illnesses if left untreated for prolonged period such as hormonal imbalances, migraines, headaches, long-term pain in back, neck or joints, knee pain, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, decreased range of motion, even mental issues.

NATRAHEA Enhanced Experience with ROBOMAX is recommended especially for those who are desk-bound, leading sedentary lifestyles, or those who are suffering from injuries such as sports athletes as well as senior citizens to rebalance their spine and the nervous system as well as to minimise or eliminate any associated pain.

Patients are able to improve their posture, gain better mobility, increase their energy and strength as such and ultimately reducing overall mind and body stresses.


A single session of NATRAHEA ROBOMAX therapy cost SGD 250. New patients can experience the trial session at SGD68.

*By 2025, Asia will have 456 million senior citizens aged 65 and above, representing 10% of the total population. This is a 14% increase from 2021, a significant demographic shift; increasing the demand for services such as rehabilitation and musculoskeletal management.

"Our future-ready, smart pain management and rehabilitation clinics are dedicated to create a positive patient journey with active patient engagement using our comprehensive expertise at NATRAHEA. As the exclusive distributor for ROBOMAX, this advanced robotics solution will augment our current business model with ROBOMAX's specialised capability to deliver consistent spinal rehabilitation for our patients.", said Mr. Arich Tan, Group CEO, AWHL.

Patients can visit book the appointments for NATRAHEA ROBOMAX trial at $68 at Orchard TripleOne Somerset, #05-02, 111 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238164. Booking number 6235 5691 or 9325 0101.

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