20 Feb 2020
What is TCM?

Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are built on a foundation that stretches back to over 2,500 years. TCM physicians employ techniques such as acupuncture, scraping, cupping and dispense Chinese herbs and medicine for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Balance & Harmony

The fundamental roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lies in the theory of Yin and Yang. In the Chinese yin yang model, the two opposing energies are fused into a seamless whole, epitomised by the swirling yin yang symbol. The yin yang concept exemplifies the complex interconnected and interdependent organs and systems in the human body. When equilibrium is displaced, pain or illness will arise. Just as the changing of seasons, your mind, emotions and spirit constantly adjust to adapt to the various changes in your body to restore perfect balance and harmony.


Over the years, TCM has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of the following symptoms:

- Stiff Neck
- Frozen Shoulder
- Joint Pain
- Headaches and Migraine
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Lower Back Pain
- Sciatica
- Muscle Tension
- Women’s Health
- Men’s Health
- Internal Diseases
- Sleeping Disorders
- Weight Management
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