25 Feb 2020
Spinal Decompression is Better at Treating Back Pain As Compared To Surgery

Did you know…

Most back pain does not require medical treatment and can be remedied by improved posture through basic fitness, exercises and functional wellness therapy.

Of the 23 patients who responded, 52% had a pain level of zero, and 91% were able to resume their normal activities, and 87% were either working or were retired.” None of the patients underwent surgery after receiving VAX-D treatment. In contrast, in a study of 575 patients who underwent surgery, 17 years after their surgery, 70% of patients said they still had back pain.

(Spine 1988, 13:1418-1422)

Pembrook. VAX-D reduces chronic discogenic low back pain. Anaesthesiology News 2003 (Volume 29, Number 3)
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