06 Mar 2020

Prevention Is The Best Cure.

If you’ve ever witnessed a wilting plant, and wonder whether it can be restored to its former glory, a similar question could be posed for the condition of your body with all its chronic ailments through wear and tear over the years. At Natrahea, we have the answer in our holistic, natural solution offering – Functional Wellness therapy.  

What is Functional Wellness Therapy?

Traditionally, we have mostly relied on conventional medicine for a large part of our lives, from the common cold to serious fractures and more. However, it is not encompassing, and there are many areas where natural therapies work better. In a nutshell, functional wellness strives to keep your body fit enough to perform your daily activities. But rather than a quick fix, we focus on total health and wellness for your body, and this is precisely what functional wellness strives to achieve.

Functional Wellness comprises a comprehensive host of exercise routines designed to maximize body functional capacity. This also includes physical therapies that reduce the risk of functional limitations due to age. Rather than help you stay in the pink of health, functional wellness goes beyond restoration and recovery to take you to the peak of health, enabling you to work and play, anytime, any day, at any age.

Functional Wellness Treatments

- Sports and work injuries
- Post-surgery recovery
- Daily exercises

For those with love for sports, being active always runs the risk of injury. In addition, some have injured themselves and returned to action too soon before full recovery, only to re-injure themselves. Our Functional Wellness treatment plan develops an ongoing rehabilitation system to restore the injured area to its 100% optimal self in the quickest time possible. Similarly, for those who suffer from work injuries such as the back, spinal or muscle strain problems, this may severely hamper the individual’s work performance or even inhibit simple daily routines. At Natrahea, we will provide an in-depth assessment to evaluate muscle strength and body balance before offering you an ideal treatment plan.

For individuals who have recently undergone surgery, a rehabilitative recovery plan will be developed, which includes both self-management and home exercise, which will enable your body to restore optimal functions.

Finally, Functional Wellness also includes daily exercises which strive to improve the range of mobility to enable greater flexibility and muscle strength from this treatment.
The Journey To Recovery

A Functional Wellness Treatment Plan will first include a one-on-one session with our therapist to evaluate your muscle balance and mobility scale. A typical session will take about 30 minutes, where our therapist will perform clinical techniques as part of your rehabilitation program. After the session, you will feel the difference and move more freely than ever before.

Common Conditions For Functional Wellness Therapy

- Pain Management
- Post-surgery recovery
- Sports and work injuries
- Muscle imbalances

Functional Wellness Key Benefits

- Proven Alternative Natural Treatment
- Alleviates Chronic Pain
- Safe Treatment With Amazing Instant Results
- No Drugs
- No Injections
- No Surgeries

Discover how Natrahea can help you get back to the life you love with Functional Wellness Therapy today.  

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