06 Mar 2020

In line with Natrahea’s philosophy and belief in the body’s ability to heal itself, Circle of Life reiterates this notion by focusing on the body’s three fundamental elements – qi, skeletal and muscular. This is to enable optimal health, wellness and energy for your body and keep you fit, energetic and vibrant always.

What is Circle Of Healing?

Through the 3 pillars of Natrahea’s portfolio of solution offerings – Chiropractic, Functional Wellness and TCM, Circle Of Healing emphasise on keeping the body’s fundamental elements in balance. Chiropractic, Functional Wellness and TCM therapies are all unique, along with the benefits that can be derived from each practice. However, while the treatments are effective in their ways, they work wonders when performed in unison, and benefits become exponential through the fusion of the 3. Together, they complete the Circle of Healing.

How Circle Of Healing Works

Circle Of Healing Treatments

- Chiropractic
- Functional Wellness

Albeit an alternative therapy, this centuries-old practice is fast gaining recognition as the go-to treatment for chronic aches, pains and ailments. Through procedures such as hands-on adjustments or spinal decompression therapy, Chiropractic works to restore your body’s skeletal system, spine and joint’s natural range of motion and order.

TCM works to streamline the qi or life energy that flows through your body through procedures such as acupuncture, tui na or cupping.

Functional Wellness
Through daily exercises and massage, or other rehabilitative recovery treatment plans, functional wellness works to reinforce and strengthen your muscles and mobility so that you can perform your daily life routines smoothly.

Place Your Health In Safe Hands

Natrahea is the only company in South East Asia to adopt this unique Circle of Healing philosophy as we firmly believe in the exponential benefits of this approach. Our market leadership and in-depth knowledge of our solutions and natural treatment offerings will enable us to restore, rejuvenate and reinforce your health to ensure total wellness for your body.

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