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Frequently Asked Questions


At NATRAHEA 康愈源, we believe passionately that our bodies are masterfully designed to heal itself. An ideal balance of the body’s qi, skeletal, and muscular elements is what keeps us healthy and energetic.

Improves overall health, shortens your healing period, boosts the body’s natural resistance and ability to self-heal.
Based on the patient’s condition and needs, an appropriate specialist and treatment will be appointed to you.

Now, if you want to. You can make an appointment here, over the phone, or at our clinics.

Integrating TCM and Western solutions is a growing practi​s​e all around the world. There are a number of case studies where combined treatments have made a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life.
This depends on several factors. Such as the severity of your condition, your age as well as the intensity of the treatment. Call-in to ask our Integrative Health Specialists about your case specifically.

Consultation – $60
Chiropractic Adjustments – $120
Physical Therapies – $150
TCM Therapies – From $38 to $88

No referral letter is needed. You can make an appointment online, over the phone, or at our clinics.

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