Functional Wellness - NATRAHEA 康愈源

Functional Wellness

Maximise your mobility, function, and independence.


Physical Therapies

Rehabilitating ​techniques​ strengthen your muscles and muscle memory, helping you get back to the life you love.

Commonly used to treat

Pain management
Post-surgery recovery
Sports and work injuries
Muscle imbalance

What you can expect

First Session

A muscle assessment that includes a 1-on-1 session with our therapist to test your muscle balance and mobility scale.

During the procedure

For 30 minutes, the therapist will have you perform clinical techniques​, that are part of your personali​s​ed rehabilitation program.

Desired outcome

Moving freely or significantly better than before.

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If you’ve been neglecting dull pain for some time now or have a strong sense that your body is imbalanced, don’t sit on it. You deserve to be comfortable all the time.

Combine solutions for better results


straightens your skeletal system

Centuries-old chiropractic restores your spine and joint’s natural order, through hands-on adjustments or spinal decompression.


streamlines qi or ‘life energy’ throughout your body

Our TCM practitioners ensure that qi or ‘life energy’ is flowing harmoniously along your meridian lines using acupuncture, tui na, or cupping. The prescribed herbs help detoxify and strengthen your organs.