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Therapeutic Stretch

Increase your range of mobility and strengthen your muscles with our Therapeutic Stretch treatment.
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Table-based and includes assisted stretching, fascial remodeling, strengthening, and relaxation.

Work one-on-one with a highly qualified therapist that will take you through a wide array of stretches to benefit your needs.

From desk workers to high-performance athletes, Therapeutic Stretch can decrease pain, discomfort, and soreness. It is a safe yet extremely effective way to increase your overall flexibility and range of motion.
Flexibility will help the body to be more functional and allowing it to move in the most optimal form. It minimizes the risk of injury and prevents the onset of muscle strains and degenerative joint disorders.

Common patient groups

Sedentary Office Workers
Individuals With Mobility Issues
Individuals With Chronic Pain
Individuals With Inactive Lifestyle

Commonly used to treat

Lower Back Pain
Knee Pain
Upper Back Discomfort
Restricted Movement
Imbalanced Hips

What you can expect

Stage 1

Recovery Phase
Length of sessions: 2-3 Months
Frequency required: 1-2 days weekly
Weekly sessions to set a goal during the first phase. Patients must maintain a consistent frequency until they have successfully built muscle memory.

Stage 2

Regaining Phase: 1st Re-evaluation
Length of session: 3-6 months
Frequency required: 1 day weekly
Consistency with the sessions will help reach the recovery process and gain more strength and flexibility.

Stage 3

Maintenance Phase: 2nd Re-evaluation
Length of session: 8-12 months
Frequency required: 2 times monthly (min.)
Surpass the regaining phase and achieve results. Maintenance will help the muscle to sustain its flexibility and strength.


Protects body from any vascular injuries during any physical activity
Better performance in daily work and activities
Able to gain strength and flexibility

Able to move without any restriction and/or pain
Stress Relief

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